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A workplace is more than a place to work

Values at S2M

  • It's all about people

  • There is no inner circle

  • We're passionate and determined

  • We like to go the extra mile

  • Live your best life

  • Make a difference

  • This is a shortcut to quickly understand how the tech industry works, and its relationship with different sectors, so absorb as much knowledge as you can and it can benefit you for long term.

    Xiaomin Lin

    Business Development Manager

  • There are many highlights and experiences I have had at S2M but something that strikes my mind quite often is that we are a team from many different nations with totally different backgrounds but have managed to create a working atmosphere in which everyone can feel welcome and comfortable. That is a highlight to me.

    Luca Twiehaus

    Senior Sales Development Representative

  • Initially the information given to you can seem overwhelming and the technical words may be scary. Nevertheless, once put into practice, everything will fall into place. Never hesitate to ask your managers questions (its always a good sign!).

    Areeja Rana

    Business Development Manager - Asia Pacific

  • At work - always be learning. Question what can be better so your work is stress-free, and dedicate time to learn the skills or tools to help advance your internship experience.

    Joseph Akande

    Business Development Manager

  • This organization has always given me what I needed, even though my needs have changed a lot over time. For example, in the past I needed to spend many hours in the office, and S2M always provided me with a perfect working environment. Later I needed to work remotely many hours, and again S2M provided me with everything I needed, especially trust. This led me even more to always work with dedication and never settle for the minimum required.

    Roberto Polizzi

    Project Manager & Client Success

  • My tip for the new-starters: do no wait for things to happen - make them happen by being proactive, curious...ask your manager questions and take initiatives. You will learn interesting things about S2M, about our clients and about yourself.

    Edouard Mathieu

    Senior Project Lead EMEA

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